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At our AI matchmaking mentoring platform, we understand the importance of guidance and expertise in driving business growth. As a company, you have the opportunity to tap into a network of qualified senior professionals who can provide valuable insights, strategic advice, and industry knowledge to propel your organization forward. Explore our mentoring solutions and unlock the potential of mentorship for your business.

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Why choose mentorship?

Access to seasoned professionals

Gain access to a pool of qualified senior professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. These mentors bring years of industry experience and can offer valuable guidance specific to your company's needs and goals.

Strategic insight and advice

Benefit from mentors' strategic thinking and industry insights. They can help you navigate challenges, identify growth opportunities, and provide guidance on important business decisions.

Skill development for employees

Mentoring can contribute to the professional development of your employees. Mentees can learn from experienced mentors, acquiring new skills and knowledge that drive individual and organizational growth.

Expand your network

Mentoring opens doors to new connections and expands your business network. Mentors may introduce you to industry influencers, potential partners, or clients, creating new avenues for collaboration and growth.

Customized mentoring solutions

Our platform offers customized mentoring solutions tailored to your company's specific needs. Whether you're looking for short-term project-based mentoring or long-term guidance, we can match you with the right mentors and create a mentoring program that aligns with your objectives.

How it works

Publish your projects

Sign up and publish projects on our platform, detailing your company's goals, challenges, and desired outcomes. Our AI algorithms will intelligently match your projects with the most suitable mentors based on their expertise and experience.

Receive mentor proposals

Qualified mentors will receive invitations to make proposals for your projects. You'll have access to their proposals, profiles, and areas of expertise, allowing you to make an informed selection.

Engage with mentors

Once you've selected mentors for your projects, you can engage with them through our platform's secure messaging system. Collaborate, discuss project details, and benefit from their insights and guidance.

Flexible engagement

Enjoy the flexibility to structure mentoring engagements based on your project timeline and requirements. Define the frequency and duration of mentor interactions that best suit your company's needs.

Discover the power of mentorship for your business

Ready to empower your business with the knowledge and guidance of experienced mentors? Explore our mentoring solutions and unlock the potential for growth, innovation, and success.

Prices for Startups and SMBs


250€ /per mentor

Promo: -20% until 1 March 2024

200€ /per mentor

Free mentoring request and fixed price for access to each mentor profile

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500€ /per request

Promo: -25% until 1 March 2024

375€ /per request

Fixed price for a mentoring request and free access to all suggested mentors for this request

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1000€ /per year

Promo: -30% until 1 March 2024

700€ /per year

Subscription fee for unlimited service access

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