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About the project

What is Wisdom of Age?

Wisdom of Age is a research and development project to create a modern, innovative, flexible and open digital platform, developed with a simple but intuitive user interface, to facilitate older adults to have a better and active life.

The platform will provide various tools necessary to build quality mentoring relationships between youth and their 60+ mentors.

What is WoA
About Wisdom of Age
How it works

Wisdom of Age creates a unique opportunity to age well in a digital world

Using artificial intelligence and user-friendly interfaces, it helps senior mentors to stay connected, be active and share their valuable experience for the benefit of the younger people who now work in industrial companies.

It is quick to learn and easy to use for everyone.


Who will use Wisdom of Age?

Unlocking this potential and putting it into a very good use by closing the gap between generations and bridging together both the primary end-users (senior experts) and secondary end-users (organizations that support healthy and active ageing), along with industrial companies.

Senior experts can transfer their knowledge and experience towards companies in mentoring, coaching and advisory sessions hosted by Wisdom of Age.

Who is using Wisdom of Age
made to your needs

What we offer to senior experts


Share your knowledge

Your knowledge and experience is a valuable asset that needs to be preserved.

Stay active

Find the right project. Continue to work what you love on your own time.

Reconnect with the industry

Help engineers connect, perform better and become stronger as professionals.

Solve specific problems

There are companies that might need your help to solve specific problems. Become part of a very skilled, high level professionals community!

Mentor profile - Wisdom of Age
Is it for me?

Mentor profile


John Smith is an engineer specialized in robotics with over 30 years of experience in this field. He reached retirement age.

John is using WoA to stay active and share his experience. He is able to schedule everything to enjoy his retirement, family and the new professional activity.

made to your needs

What we offer to industrial companies



We offer instructor led or self paced online training, created by experts in various industries. 


Our senior experts are ready to provide help regarding specific problems with a product or service


Transfer existing knowledge, skills, and experience of our seniors to newer or less experienced employees


Our experts are willing to share with you their lifetime knowledge and expertise.